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Energy and Action

We look for opportunities to develop and take action to ensure our service meets our stakeholders’ expectations. We are dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic.


Service Excellence

Develop a systematic approach to the way we do things to achieve consistently superior outcomes for stakeholders.


Understanding and Approachable

Our stakeholders’ should be comfortable in discussing their issues with us. We genuinely care and are willing to listen



One team working towards one common goal. “Together Everyone Achieves More”


Integrity and Professionalism

Ensure all staff and management set high standards in the way they approach their day to day activities. Continually striving for professional excellence.



With a culture of compliance, staff understands what has to be done, why and what remedies are required.

n2n Claims: The Only Alternative

We provide Claim Services on behalf of Australian and International insurers to a wide range of Industries, Superfunds, Employer Groups and Unions. We specialise in the management of Income Protection/Disability and Capital Benefit claims including payments, Funeral Benefits and Lump Sum payments. We work hand in hand with the placing broker or client to deliver an unmatched service to claimants resulting in reduced time loss for all involved.

We Make a Difference

Our multi-tiered communication approach ensures that claimants have access to information about their claim 24/7 and will be contacted frequently to receive friendly assistance and support.

We are committed to not only working towards a stress free process, we do our best to assist members during their incapacity to ensure that when it does come time to return back to work, they are supported all the way through our many options of rehabilitation, job placement and mind wellness programmers we provide in house as part of our service.

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