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Our vision is to be the proactive, innovative & flexible partner for the markets in which we operate.

Claims management is the most crucial part of any insurance product. Our Insurers believed we were best suited to perform this function based on our knowledge and business ethos of providing exceptional service to claimants while at the same time complying with the requirements of the policies.

Our Team

Jeff Roser (Executive Officer)

Jeff was a founding member of n2n and has been working in the insurance sector specialising in income protection claims management since 2000. Prior to this Jeff was an Executive Officers within a major National Trustee on two Industry Superannuation Funds, Deputy Chairperson for The National Chemical Council (Fed Gov’t) and Deputy Chairperson on three National Training Development Schemes (Fed Gov’t). Jeff was also a member of the NSW Security Industry Council and Security Industry Consultative Committee (NSW Gov’t).

David Hulme (Claims Director)

David’s role includes determining final liability on claims, claims audits, reporting, review of high level escalations, disputes and tender/policy reviews. He has an active role in the ongoing training of claims team members and ongoing development of the claims management system. David has been in the insurance industry for 16 years and has been with n2n from the beginning.

Jae Mauala (Claims Manager)

Jae has been in the insurance industry for 12 years. Her responsibilities include high level assessment of liability, review of the ongoing strategy of a claim, review of high level escalations / disputes and the management including training and development of the claims team.

Relevant & Synergistic Services

WIP Group create all-encompassing insurance solutions, complemented by our specialist claims management organisation and consulting services.

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