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You should contact our office to start the claims lodgment process as soon as you have been advised from your treating medical practitioner that your incapacity will be for a period of time greater than your waiting period.

If you are unsure on the number of days your waiting period is, please contact our office and one of our staff members will be able to provide this information or refer to your product factsheet if provided.

Once you have our claim form, you will need to complete all three sections and provide any supporting documentation.

Section A – This is the section of the claim form you will need to complete yourself, ensure you fill out all the questions to not cause any unnecessary delay.

Section B – This section should be completed by your treating medical practitioner. If you are seeing a specialist and a general medical practitioner for your condition and unsure on who should complete this form, it is best if your general practitioner has all the information relating to your condition to have them complete the form. If you are only being treated by the specialist, then have the specialist complete the form.

Section C – This is to be completed by your employer, please also ensure they supply the required wage history report when returning the form to you.

Once all forms have been completed, please provide to us, along with your supporting documentation, via;


Post       n2n Claims Solutions
Locked Bag 3111
Rhodes, NSW 3111

At a minimum, the following additional required documentation will need to be provided with your claim form;

  • Medical reports and certificates
  • Tax File Number Declaration Form
  • 12-month wage report - so we can calculate your benefit
  • Proof of ID - such as a copy of your driver's licence or passport
  • Workers Compensation decision letter/s and payment summaries (if your injury/sickness is work related)

You can also download our supporting documentation checklist.

Section A page 3 of the claim from has a section to be completed for Authorised Representatives. Once this has been completed, n2n Claims can discuss all matters relating to your claim with this 3rd party.

We have an interpreting service you can use free of charge, The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) who provide translating services in a wide range of languages. Please call 1800 131 450 (during our normal business hours) and they will be able to assist you to communicate with us.

When an employer provided income protection policy moves over to WIP, your cover is continuous, so there is no break in cover provided your employer continues to pay for your insurance. Your employer will provide WIP with a report declaring all employees included in the month. Your benefits may change from your previous policy, please refer to your employer or provided product Factsheet.

Employer-Based Schemes

Your Income is calculated using your wages earned for the 52 weeks prior to your incapacity (or the lessor of from the date you commenced employment). This calculation will not include any reimbursement type of allowances such as living away from home, meals, tools or travel/car etc. A correctly completed TFN Declaration, must be received before payments can be processed.

Superannuation Funds

Your Income is calculated using your wages earned for the 52 weeks prior to your incapacity. In the event you have not been a member of The Fund for greater than 12 months your income may be based on the period you have been a member. A correctly completed TFN Declaration, must be received before payments can be processed.

Yes. All time lost for your claimed condition must be medically supported. Please ensure that all medical certificates provided by your doctor state the condition and period you are being certified unfit for. You will be asked to complete a Medical Declaration Form every 4-6 weeks to ascertain further information regarding your condition. A certificate/MDF is required to be issued by a Psychiatrist or Psychologist for Claims for all Mental Health Conditions.

Benefits are processed fortnightly or monthly in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Policy. They can commence as early as the end of the first fortnight after the Waiting Period and are paid directly to you, the claimant. All of these payments are subject to Australian taxation requirements, and you will be provided with a PAYG summary at the end of the financial year.

All other income you receive or should receive during the same benefit period will be deducted from any eligible benefit payment, so it’s important that you declare all other income you receive whilst on claim with us. If you fail to advise us, a recovery may be sought.

Generally, under our Policies we will make up the difference between your Workers Compensation benefit and the Maximum Benefit based on your policy conditions.

We will require a copy of the Workers Compensation decision letter/s and payment summaries.

Your benefits will cease when you are fit to return to work.

If you are fit to go back to work on partial duties, and are not earning your Pre-Disability Income, then we can review making up the difference between what your earned from your partial duties and our benefit amount.

Your benefits will cease when a medical practitioner certifies you are able to return to work on full duties.

You will only ever receive up to the highest maximum benefit under either policy. You are not entitled to receive two full benefits. We will work with you, assisting where we are able, to ensure the dual insurance process is as smooth as possible.

If you are dissatisfied with any part of your claims handling or the outcome of your claim decision and wish to make a complaint or appeal the decision, please contact who will start our Internal Dispute Resolution process.

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