n2n has already worked with multiple insurers and corporations in providing the following services;

  • Audit Services – n2n has assessed and audited claims against the standing policy for multiple insurers to ensure other claims organisations are performing against both contract and KPI stipulations. During a certain audit n2n found over 2 million dollars in over-payments for an insurer as the claims organisation had failed to understand and implement a certain ‘rule’ within the policy.
  • Consulting Services – n2n has worked with both insurers and corporations in writing, interpreting and tightening up claims policies. n2n  has also worked with multiple insurers in handling difficult long term claims that the incumbent claims organisations have failed to manage, to date each claim was closed by n2n within 4 weeks of receipt
  • Survey Services – n2n survey’s all claimants both whilst on claim and when the claim is finalised. This enables n2n to track the member satisfaction, service levels and the overall experience during the claims process. n2n  currently ensures that all surveys are shared with clients and insurers
  • n2n also uses multiple communication platforms to ensure the most appropriate and timely service for claimants in their time of need.
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