With claims standards becoming more demanding with claimant, client and insurers expectations rising, it was time for a claims organisation to adopt a genuinely holistic approach to claims management

n2n claims developed Total Wellness Program is the much-needed holistic approach to managing claims that claimants and the industry was looking for. To take up and meet this responsibility, n2n claims had to map out the ‘perfect’ claims process and put partnerships in place to ensure that all key stakeholders expectations involved in the claims process are exceeded.

n2n claims has developed an end to end claims process starting with an initial Wellness Assessment, the case managers then work with in-house medical practitioners and rehabilitation experts in devising an Injury Illness Management Program for claimants.

n2n claims prides itself on its communication ethos to claimants, employers, treating Doctor’s and specialist and other relevant parties that can provide a Return to Work gateway.

To keep ahead of the market n2n claims has developed partnerships with a Mental Health organisation and Job Placement provider to ensure claimants are not only covered financially to look after themselves and their most important asset their family, but are also given the opportunity to rehabilitate, be educated in finding new employment opportunities and eventually re-enter the workforce ahead of schedule.

n2n calls will continue to revamp and improve the Total Wellness Program to ensure its suitability and superior processes for all key stakeholders

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